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Yoga is an ancient Indian practice, comprising of an entire mind/body self-awareness process with the goal of leading one towards inner peace. 

It is much more than the physical Asana flow (movement) as most would commonly recognise it to be. It revolves around key principles of Chitta, Vritti , Nirodha (consciously controlling the fluctuations of the mind), to bring one to stillness (the physical Asana poses simply exist to help prepare the body to allow this state). 

As the mind becomes over active through day to day life, we can use ancient techniques like yoga to assist in reducing what many call the "monkey mind" to a state of clarity and stillness. 

Asana can be practiced by everyone across all ages, shapes, backgrounds and fitness levels, as individuals obtain their own unique experience from their practice. As the Asana practice is all about the individual, there is no blanket speed/exertion. The practice can be as invigorating or relaxing as one chooses and is tailored to the individual and what they require within. 

Sumati offers customised private yoga classes to help clients understand their current mental/physical state of well being whilst intelligently tailoring Asana/Mediation practices to provide teachings and assistance to support their healing journey.