The team at Sumati are true believers that a powerful method to identify issues within is through the process of reflection and communication. We have been collaborating and discussing many of the key mental health issues ever apparent within the youth of today, with industry advocates of whom share a story of triumph and accomplishment in their own personal lives as they overcame many personal issues.

It is our working goal that we will continue to provide schools with an offering of bringing not only our own inspirational stories to students, but will be joining forces with other industry advocates who have experienced mental health issues and have successfully overcome these and as a result are living a life of wellness, love and compassion. 

We are mindful as to the importance of getting the most from students interaction with the program, which is why we have identified individuals that not only have inspirational stories to share, but are vibrant enough to deliver a truly resonating presentation which students feel they can relate to and learn, allowing them to turn inwards and acknowledge the issues which they may be facing and feel confident they have the ability within to promote change.