Sumati was created with one main principle, "to help people realise their true beauty and appreciate who they are away from any external negative factors".  


As we mature and grow, individuals tend to lose focus on their true self and begin to drift away from self -appreciation whilst unconsciously allowing society to influence and impact their judgment.


Sumati, therefore, seeks to provide support to individuals as they progress through life, assisting with rebuilding the foundations to understand who they truly are and to be grateful and appreciative of this, without the self-doubt and comparison to others. 


Sumati takes a modern holistic view towards self-made issues and provides its clients with supportive tools across mental health, yoga, meditation, reiki and communication. 

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Nathan Minicozzi

Founder Nathan Minicozzi, spent years within the corporate environment, living through stressful and demanding work requirements and dealing with individuals across all backgrounds and personalities. During this time, Nathan was constantly challenging himself to stay grounded, calm and connected, whilst trying to complete the task being demanded. He found yoga and meditation helped him throughout this time which led him to find his passion. He not only is a mens mental health advocate, he contributes his time to help men become the best versions of themselves and release themselves from blockages that are holding them back. We can ensure you if you ever get the opportunity to listen to Nathan Minicozzi speak, you will see the passion come through his eyes and leave feeling energised and motivated. 




Rachel Minicozzi

Rachel Minicozzi has spent many years working in the medical and retail field, being stressful at times due to dealing with a diverse array of people and problems. She now has decided to concentrate on women’s health and wellness, especially help anyone who has experienced emotional trauma (suicide) like herself.  She recently found inner peace and a sense of belonging through her yoga teacher training which she aspires to teach middle-aged woman and beginners like herself who may be too intimidated to go into a yoga class and want to learn the basics.



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Lauren Minicozzi


Growing up in the social media generation and working/studying in the fashion and fitness industries, Lauren Minicozzi spent many years fighting a battle of constant self-body shame. Through her own incredible healing journey of self-acceptance, Lauren now has a desire to help young girls who have gone through similar experiences and to spread the message of self-love. She is our marketing guru and womens health advocate.

Lauren believes that ‘one does not need to be a size 0 to feel beautiful. You must accept and love yourself in order for others to do the same.’